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Insignificant Journal

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I was playing around with the design templates for the journals and decided to make a very insignificant journal with a quote from Aesop that really rings true for me:

Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety


It’s so true… What can possibly go wrong?  There’s no one decision you can make that will “ruin everything.”  In the face of overwhelming ANYTHING, just do it.  Just get it done. Just get out of the feeling of overwhelmedness because it’s always caused by inflated feelings of importance which simply aren’t true.  The truth is that you really don’t matter much.  None of us do, we are but tiny specks in the universe.  We aren’t here to obsess over mundane details of life like “Who should I marry” and “Should I get a different job.”  We’re just here and since that’s the case, we might as well relax.

journal of insignificanceScreen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.45.07 PM