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I’m a chick.  I dig quotes. Therefore, it would stand to reason that there may be other chicks who also dig quotes.  I’ve seen evidence of this on Facebook and in my personal experience.  I’d even venture to say that there are also dudes who dig quotes but no one would ever say that because chicks don’t usually go around trying to impress dudes with quotes.  If you’re a chick and you find that a dude is impressed with your quotes, you might want to share this website with him and let him know that he’s not alone.  Chicks and dudes both like quotes. But the domain has been purchased and so here we are… Chicks digging dudes who dig quotes.  If you have a favorite quote you’d like to see, send me a tweet @chicksdigquotes or visit my Facebook page and I’ll see if I can design something around it.  Also, have a great day.  Or should I say…

May your day be merry and bright

(Because that’s a quote from a song and it’s Christmas time as I’m writing this and it seems applicable)